Do Dash Cameras Promote Driver Safety

Are Dash Cams In Cars And Trucks Making People Drive More Safely?

The reason why most people install dash cams in their cars or trucks is so that they have evidence that they were not the one at fault in the case of an accident. While this is an excellent reason to have a dash cam installed, especially with the number of fraudulent claims growing almost daily, having that dash cam has the added benefit of making you a safer driver.
Increased Driver Awareness
As driver’s, we all have experienced driving along when suddenly we see a police car sitting beside the road. Most drivers automatically slow down, glance at the speedometer and drop that cell phone they have been talking or texting on, and suddenly become far more focused on the road, at least until the police car is out of sight. This sudden increase in the driver’s awareness is due to fear of getting pulled over and ending up with a ticket. Well surprisingly enough, having a dash cam in your car or truck has virtually the same effect on most drivers. Knowing that there is a technological device watching our driving habits and our monitoring our vehicles every move makes more people drive just a little bit more defensively, because we suddenly have what is known as increased driver awareness.
With those dash cams on and functioning, people are far less likely to speed, tailgate, and text when driving. And most people certainly would never try to run a red light with a dash cam up and running. Drivers with dashboard cams, tend to take fewer chances when driving, which makes the road safer not only for them and their passengers, but also for other drivers on the road.
Alerting the Powers that Be to Driving Hazard’s
In addition, it is believed as more and more people decide to invest in dash cams, the footage that is taken can be used to help to make the right people aware of certain driving hazard’s that may be correctable. For example, if a certain intersection is causing people confusion and resulting in a number of accidents, being able to show where the problem lies, could result in a stop signal instead of yield sign being placed in the intersection.
In cases where a certain stretch of road turns exceptionally icy during the winter months, catching what this stretch of road looks like repeatedly may result in the appropriate road commission making an extra effort to keep that particular stretch of road well sanded in an effort to prevent accidents.
Dash Cams May Help Catch Criminals in the Act
Of course, if you are driving down the road, and happen to witness a hit and run accident, or another car being car jacked you will catch the entire thing on your dash cam and be able to help the police catch the people responsible and get them off the street before they can do even more damage. This will result in making the roads safer for everyone which is a great reason to consider a dash camera an important item to have installed in your car.

Whether you decide to install a dash cam in your car or tuck, for personal or safety reason, the benefits of installing a video recorder far outweigh the costs involved.

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