Black Box In Cars Record Your Every Move

Black Box In Cars Record Your Every Move

When Airplanes crash, there are usually many unanswered questions as to what brought the plane down. Investigators fall back on the airplane’s flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR), also known as “black boxes,” for answers. Black boxes EDR( or Event Data Recorders) are vital pieces of equipment for that provide answers to such questions and mysteries. Car accidents happen more often than not. Just like these digital recorders help determine the exact cause of a plane crash incident, they can be put to use in investigations of car accidents. Needless to say, they are particularly helpful when no witnesses are present at the scene of the accident and when each driver claims to have his/her side to the story. The benefits of car black boxes for putting the pieces of puzzle together are also emphasized by accident investigators, the police and insurance companies which now have a powerful tool to determine whether the claim is acceptable or not.
The drawbacks, if argued, are obviously outweighed by the benefits. It may be argued that it could, rightly, get you into jail if you were at fault and driving recklessly, but it can also save you from it. For instance, an accident that occurred on a remote area may be very difficult to track and/or investigate, and it is very well possible to be put on trial, even if you weren’t at fault. The Black Box in your car can have your back in that case. The small device records several key actions you have made before the collision including the speed of your engine, accelerating, braking, any turns you make, etc. which generally reveals enough information to help you in your trial. Also, with a car black box that includes a camera there will be no longer your word against the police officer’s, while your insurance claims will be approved a lot faster. To summarize, advantages of the Black Boxes in cars include the following:
Many insurance companies have offered a discount for drivers who have installed said device because it enables them to evaluate drivers who are less likely to get involved into an accident and lower their premiums, while increasing the rates to “risky” drivers. This also means that the device can help you save cash for your car insurance, provided you drive safely!
It has been estimated that in the UK, five people die on the roads every day. The majority of these deaths, and others caused by accidents, would be avoidable through better driving.

The technology additionally helps to prevent theft and enables the tracking of automobiles, which is very attractive to drivers. With incorporated GPS technology, it is possible for insurance agencies to determine the present location of a stolen vehicle. It is even possible to remotely disengage the ignition to make the car stationary. This goes about as an obstruction to stealing autos with the Black Box innovation, and making it less demanding to trace cars that have been stolen. In turn, this diminishes auto robbery protection premiums due to decreased claims.

Lastly, Car black boxes are also ideal solution for young drivers, since they are at a higher risk of getting involved into an accident when compared to old drivers who’ve been doing it for quite a while. Studies have indicated that young drivers are involved in about 45% of all accidents. With a car black box, parents and guardians can simply monitor their child’s driving style and habits. They will no longer have to worry whether their child is driving carefully or not, or teach their children drive safely before the worst happens.
Car black boxes might be as vital as airplane black boxes in future.

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